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Due to the spread of the coronavirus, please follow Vivaz’s protocols:

1. Anyone who has visited China during the past few weeks MUST remain home for 2 weeks or until receiving a doctor note.

2. Anyone who not feeling well or sick  MUST stay home until fully recover or provide doctor confirmation.

3.Vivaz’s staffs and teachers will check body temperature every day and every single class before the class start. If we find anyone who has high body’s temperature, please obey our safety protocols.

4.We provide hand soaps and hand sanitizers in every studios also around the school. Please wash your hands and keep clean.

Thank you for your cooperate.

With love,
Vivaz Dance and Music School.

 3.Vivaz的工作人员和老师将在上课前每天和每节课检查体温。 如果我们发现有人体温高,请遵守我们的安全规程。