Mission statement

Dance and Play with lively mood.

Vision statement

To be the leader in creating community well-being through Music and Dance delivered with kindness and poise.

Our commitment to you

  • Convey the knowledge of music and dance to those interested.
  • Teach students to have the knowledge, understanding, and skills in music and the right way to comply with international standards.
  • Encourage students to have fun, self-confidence, and outgoing
  • Provide students with the knowledge they need to show their music or art in their own abilities on various occasions and to advance their studies or career.


Vivaz school of Dance and Music teaches dance, music, and aerial yoga. We were built specially as a school for teaching dance and music. There are 6 studios, one medium size, two small and two smaller studios. The main dance studio floor is a flexible floor specialized for safety and to enhance dancer’s physique. All studios meet the standards of each activity.

The school provides a warm feeling like a home. Space is perfect for comfort. The main hallway furnishes with tables, chairs, and benches. Parents can see the ongoing classes and feel its atmosphere from the see-through glass windows. We have Complimentary drinking water and separate male and female bathrooms. Play area stocks with coloring books for dancer siblings and cousins.

In-house Vivaz café provides food services, snacks, and drinks.

Surrounding Areas

The school is in Huay Paya Kham village. It is very peaceful, clean and safe near Varee Chiangmai School and Techno College Asia. Next to the school is a Snay-Kham-Pang restaurant, a coffee shop, 89 markets and more restaurants around the school area.

You can park your car in front of the school or an onsite parking lot. We also provide a walking distance off-site parking lot about 150 meters away (direction provided). It is spacious and can accommodate additional of more than 30 vehicles.