Rich history, beautiful aesthetic and safe practices…

We would like to share what the RAD is and WHY it’s our chosen syllabus at Vivaz Dance and Music School.

RAD stands for the Royal Academy of Dance and was founded in 1920 in the United Kingdom. Before this, there was no standard of teaching in London or the UK and no way to measure qualifications with any accuracy.


Today, Royal Academy of Dance have a presence in 79 countries, with 36 offices and approximately 14,000 members worldwide. We count more than 1,000 students in our teacher training programs and more than a quarter of a million students are being examined on our syllabi. Now in our 94th year, we continue to promote and develop excellence in dance.”

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Why are qualifications so important?

Ballet is just as much a sport as it is an art, and without proper knowledge an untrained or poorly trained teacher can do harm to their students! In December 2015 the BBC covered this issue and reported on its findings.

“Unqualified ballet teachers can ‘damage’ children” By Judith Burns, Education reporter
Unqualified teachers lack important training in anatomy and physiology,” said RAD chief executive, Luke Rittner. Encouraging children too early into moves, like going up “en pointe”, when the whole body is balanced on the toes, can ruin careers, said Mr Rittner.

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